Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bisphenol A and plastic bottles causing cancer: How to avoid it

We have post many articles about cancer in our page. Lots of them are dedicated the natural cures of killing cancer and others are about getting it. ______ NEW YORK CITY, United States - Mt Sinai Medical Center -- Many studies confirm a link between plastic...

Biochemist Dennis Hill kills his own cancer using Cannabis Oil

Biochemist Dennis Hill Kills Own Cancer Using Cannabis Oil
Prostate cancer affects 1 in 7 men during their lifetimes. The only traditional ways to combat this disease are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, which can cause terrible side effects in patients. For this reason, many people choose gentler ways of healing. Dennis Hill is one...

Scutellaria baicalensis — This traditional Chinese medicinal plant helps treat Cancer, scientists

A plant used in traditional Chinese medicine produces compounds which may help treat cancer and liver diseases, find a team of scientists. ______ CHINA - Science Advances -- The research led by Professor Cathie Martin of the John Innes Centre revealed the secrets of a plant...

Over 45.000 patients cured of cancer with this natural drink

Over 45.000 Patients Cured Of Cancer With This Natural Drink - Cure Cancer Photo
An Austrian doctor became world wide famous because of his specific drink that has cured a lot of people afflicted from serious diseases. People call it the “Breuss Total Cancer Treatment” and this method already benefited a lot of people. The doctor Rudolf Breuss dedicated...

The death rate from all cancers combined has dropped by 25% only in the US over the past 2.5 decades

The death rate from all cancers combined in the United States has dropped by 25% over the past 2.5 decades, although cancer incidence and mortality rates are typically higher in men and racial disparities still exist, a Cancer Statistics 2017 report indicates. ______ However, liver cancer...

Doctors sent women with cancer unable to walk, talk or eat home to die, but… a miracle happened

Screaming in pain, stricken Claire Cunningham stared death in the face and pleaded for her ordeal to be brought to an end. She was riddled with cancer, unable to walk, talk or eat. The NHS had ­effectively sent her home to die. ______ Only a miracle could...

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