Surrounding the British Prime Minister Teresa May in the near future may force her to resign, reported Russian RIA Novosti citing a source in the Conservative Party.

“The situation was already hard after the elections and in connection with the negotiations on Brexit, but yesterday’s speech for many was the last straw,” the source told Ria.

May initiated an extraordinary general election in June to strengthen its position in the parliament on the eve of the Brexit talks.

Instead, the Conservative Party lost its absolute majority in parliament and was forced to negotiate support from the Democratic Unionist Party Northern Ireland in exchange for allocating additional funds to the region. Negotiations for Brexit are clearly stalled, which does not add to the popularity of the premiere.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister delivered a speech at the congress of the Conservative Party. The speech was first interrupted by a pranker, who tried, as it were, on behalf of Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, to hand over to May the P45 questionnaire, filled out upon dismissal. Then May began to get a voice, and coughing fits barely allowed her to finish the performance.

“Of course, cough and pranker are not her fault, but many people saw a symbolic meaning in all this, the prime minister should instill confidence and not cause sympathy. Plus, you will agree, the speech itself was weak, 90% it consisted of empty statements, – the interlocutor of the agency said.

“David Davis (Minister for Brexit – ed.) – the most likely future prime minister, although Boris Johnson, apparently, does not lose hope to get elected,” he added.

According to the source, at present there is chaos in the party: the apparent weakness of the prime minister caused several opposing groups to appear.

“Which exactly will win, until it’s very clear, but I think that in the near future everything will become clear.” But in any case, Therese May, I think, there is nothing to hope for, “- noted the source of RIA Novosti.