Britain and Germany support the Libyan central bank’s plan in the face of the financial crisis

British and German ambassadors to Tripoli confirmed their country’s support for the central bank’s plan in Tripoli in the face of Libya’s financial crisis.

According to a statement issued by the Central Bank of Tripoli, the senior friend of the bank held a meeting with British Ambassador Peter Millett and German Ambassador Christian Bock at the bank’s headquarters to discuss the economic and financial situation in the country. Libya.

The senior friend of the bank, who met with the British ambassador, said that political stability, ending the division and ending the role of parallel institutions is the key to the success of any economic or financial reform program in the country.

Ambassador Millett stressed his country’s support for the efforts of the central bank to undertake the necessary financial reforms to confront the economic crisis.

German Ambassador Christian Bock also expressed his country’s support for all efforts to achieve political stability in Libya, in addition to supporting the economic and financial reform program presented by the Central Bank.

The meeting coincided with the holding of wide-ranging meetings in Tunis under the auspices of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, with the participation of the Central Bank of Tripoli and the White House and the Ministries of Finance of the Wifaq government and the interim government.

The meetings discuss the unification of the state budget for 2018 and the adjustment of the Libyan dinar exchange rate, in addition to discussing a number of plans to stimulate the economy and create jobs to reduce the levels of unemployment, according to local media.