Brain cancer patients named the unobvious symptoms of the disease

Closeup of X-ray photography of human brain

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Patients with cancer of the brain, listed the symptoms, which at first did not give due importance. This is reported in the work of King’s College London, published in the publication Plos One.

The authors of the article did not give the names of the patients, only their gender and age were indicated.

As specified in the study, the majority of patients initially believed that memory problems and loss of balance are a consequence of aging, and not a cause for serious concerns.

Others thought that “clumsiness” was not a reason to go to the doctor, because in the clinic they might not be “understood”.

In addition, as experts say, patients did not perceive the inconstant but recurring symptoms as a reason for emergency treatment to doctors.

One of the 50-year-old patients said that she was increasingly going to bed during the day, but felt that this was due to age. According to another patient with cancer of the brain, when talking, she had a feeling that “it’s as if a tongue is twisted,” but it soon passed.

“It seemed to me because of my work, because teachers are tired. Many colleagues from work sometimes say:“ God, I’m tired, ”so I decided that everyone is experiencing this,” said a patient from the age group 31-40 years old.

Another forty-year-old participant in the study said that she thought that “to go to the doctor when you have deja vu, and then you smell, it is strange.”

According to her, she did not regard such a symptom as alarming and did not dare to go immediately to an appointment with the doctors.

In general, the majority of patients surveyed decided to seek help after suspected stroke and dementia.

As noted in the article, another reason for calling the doctor was the deterioration of vision. And someone, the researchers report, was sent to specialists by specialists.

According to scientists, brain cancer develops due to the rapid uncontrolled cell division: neurons, glial cells, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, or ependymal cells, which were previously the usual components of the brain tissue itself; lymphatic tissue, blood vessels of the brain, cranial nerves, meninges, skull, pituitary and epiphysis.

Various forms of brain and spinal cord cancer are not as common when compared to breast, prostate or intestinal cancers, but their rarity is compensated for by the fact that almost all of them are extremely aggressive and dangerous.

This disease often leads to the imminent death of the patient due to difficulties in the use of chemotherapy or the impossibility of surgical intervention.

Contrary to popular belief, brain cancer often affects children rather than adults, scientists have previously noted.

Until now, no means have been known that could prevent the development of these tumors and at the same time not cause a massive death of healthy brain cells.

Relatively recently, doctors discovered that bloodweb and some other plants contain substances that can suppress this type of cancer.

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