Bitcoin can collapse: we did not go through this

In the community, the opinion that bitokoin will collapse one day spreads more and more.

The past year was quite favorable, in terms of investment . Since January last year, the S & P index rose by 20 percent. But this is nothing compared to 1500-percent yield bitcoin.

Old as the World

Everything that goes up sharply will someday collapse. Will the same happen with BTC? To what consequences will this lead to a crypto-currency for the whole market?

BTC has a capitalization of $ 234 billion. Given its share in the total value of digital currencies (699.8 billion dollars), one can say for sure: if bitcoin collapses, the entire market of crypto-currencies will suffer.

Until now, analysts are tormented by the question of what the real price is for BTC. Many analysts believe that the currency still has a long way to go.

According to Roger McNamee, an early Facebook investor, the crypto-currency market this year will not collapse. It is still relatively small.

Julian Hosp of TenX has two opposite predictions for bitcoin. The digital currency will either reach $ 60,000, or $ 5000. The analyst is unsure, which of his two predictions we will see first.

And yet collapse?

Many people think that bitcoin is too good to be true. In mid-December, the coin collapsed from its maximum of 20 thousand dollars. But this was not the strongest fall in the history of the virtual currency.

Back in 2013, there were several notable bitcoins of disasters.

  • 68% collapse for four days in 2011. Then the total market collapsed by 94%.
  • In January 2012 there was a 36% decline.
  • In August of the same year, bitcoin collapsed by 51%.
  • In March 2013, in just a few minutes, Bitcoin fell by 33%.
  • 61% of the disaster in April 2013.

The history of life bitcoin shows that the crypto currency has met many failures and corrections. And every time it comes back stronger than anyone expected.

Who will be ill

Consider four virtual coins that can suffer when the industry leader collapses. The destinies of these currencies are intertwined. This is Ripple, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA.

Each of the larger competitors bitcoin offers something that the market leader does not have. Therefore, these altcoyins attracted a lot of attention.

The third largest crypto currency in the world by market capitalization, Ripple is very different from BTC. Most of XRP is not yet available on the open market. Crypto currency is not very volatile. But this does not mean that if bitcoin collapses, Ripple will remain untouched.

Digital coin number two is an etherium. Has a capitalization of just over 117 billion dollars. At the time of writing, the air price was $ 1204. Many believe that Ethereum and Bitcoin have endurance, which many other crypto currencies do not have.

During this time, Bitcoin Cash grew to a market mark of more than $ 43 billion.

This makes it the fourth largest currency. Like the broadcast, bitcoin cache is also closely related to Bitcoin. If the latter collapses, then these two crypto-currencies can not be avoided.

Virtual currency number nine IOTA differs from the market leader in many parameters. Altcoin serves a certain niche: microtransactions. Despite this, in December, when the price of bitcoin fell sharply, all of the virtual coins listed fell .