Slot games have become more and more popular since the dawn of the internet age and have made the successful and all-important transition from physical, land-based slot machines, to convention, and technologically advanced online video slots. In this time a lot has changed, important innovations, changes in the structure of the game, and most importantly, a change in the demands of the players, who are now looking for big bonuses and statistically reasonable games to play and win at Wizardslots.

This has meant that over the last 10 years, we’ve seen different kinds of slot games rise to the top to become most popular, most played, and fan favourites. 

Are some games easier to win than others? 

Let’s dive deep into the world of online slot games to discern what games are the best on the current market, and especially which games are the most likely to bring home the big bucks for all you big players out there. 

What makes you more likely to win an online slot game? 

There are lots of different variables and features that you need to look at when thinking about your chances of winning online slot games. When thinking about this, features such as themes, animations, and characters that are normally big factors in a player’s experience and enjoyment of the game are less relevant. Instead, we turn to the more statistically important aspects that developers have implemented into online slot games. These include: 

  1.     RTP – This stands for ‘return to player percentage’ and is one of the most important factors in directly effecting your chances of winning in a specific online slot game. A video slot game’s RTP is basically the average percentage a player is likely to receive back from a slot game once they’ve played a session. Good slot games will have a higher RTP and not so good games will have a lower one. Big, trusted developers such as Pragmatic Play, will have an average RTP of around 96%, which would give you a slightly better return than your average online slot game. 
  2.     Loyalty Rewards – These are features implemented by a developer to make sure that their biggest players keep coming back to their online slot game. In turn the players will receive a bonus, such as a reload bonus when returning to the game. This could include and increased percentage of funds once they’ve deposited each month, or an extra amount presented at a fixed price. 
  3.     Free Spins – We all know that free spins are devised by developers to get you in to the new slot games on the market, but what is good about free spins, is simply that they’re free! It’s a chance to quickly boot up a new game and try your luck with the extra funds that you’ve been given. NO win? No harm done. Big win? You’ve done it without putting in anything at all, Jackpot! 

Games to try with good features:

Game RTP Notes
Jack Hammer 2 97.10% 10-20 Free Spins
1429 Uncharted Seas 98.60% 25 Free Spins
Retro Reels Extreme Heat 97.50% Up to 20 Free Spins