Best romantic comedies


Romantic comedies are the ideal genre for those who consider melodramas too sad, but they do not mind romance with a fair amount of humor. The heroes of the best romantic comedies get into ridiculous situations, commit insane acts, laugh and cry, but in the end they always find their love – sometimes where absolutely they do not expect it.

Are you looking for romantic comedies to laugh heartily? Don`t know what to see with your soul mate? Don`t you know how to pass the evening alone? You can watch the best comedies about love – and you will have a great pastime. Romantic comedy is  the most life-affirming genre,and the pictures of our selection will cheer everyone who decides to watch them.

To invite a girl to the film is a great opportunity to capture her. What could be better than a solitary date with a hot Ukrainian girl? Ukrainian girls often prefer to watch movies with a romantic plot. Therefore, we picked the most top comedies for you.


Anyone who wants to relax watching a relaxing movie, getting rid of important things and to laugh at frank jokes, the comedy “Bachelor” will be the best option. Thanks to the film tape that we recommend to watch, many will remember their youthful years and naive attempts to assert themselves at the expense of girlfriends or fans. The plot is not distinguished by original delights: there  is the story before you of how the three best friends who decided to tear themselves off before the wedding of their classmates want, like eighteen-year-old girls, to catch everything at once. The film will not bring satisfaction to those who are inclined to high reasoning, instructive stories and moral conclusions, but it will be to taste to everyone who wants to relax mind and body. It is necessary to reconcile that beautiful girls often spend time “in sin.” Together with the main characters, you will visit a strip club, a casino, and a restaurant.Be ready in general that not quite sober beauties can be brought anywhere. Many viewers will laugh at their adventures, and someone will draw conclusions about the inevitable consequences of turbulent youth. The film has all the components that can provide a pleasant pastime, and you do not have to strain, understanding the intricacies of the plot. All that’s required is to turn on the comedy and watch the merry events.

#2.”More than a friend”

A nice guy named Wally lives in New York and makes a living by doing real estate deals. He constantly invents new illnesses for himself, which he does not have, and nags his few friends. He has a best friend named Casey, with whom he often spends his free time. Only when they met, Wally had a completely different look on the girl. Once they met, but the relationship did not work out, and now they are just friends. Casey is almost 40, and she still does not have a husband and family. She desperately wants a child that she decides on artificial insemination. In honor of this, she organizes a party, which, among others, invites the chosen donor and Wally. According to the idea,  there must be fertilization during the holiday, but for now the jar with the seed expects the culprit of the celebration in the bathroom. Wally gets drunk to unconsciousness and accidentally overturns the container with the biomaterial into the sink. , he decides to replace the contents of the can with his “product” for Casey did not suspect anything.


This is a non-trivial and very piquant comedy drama, intended exclusively for viewers who have reached adulthood. Natalie makes a living by prostitution and is ready to satisfy even the most perverted desires of her clients. Mitch is a troubled journalist who, even during a friendly get-together, goes to the toilet to satisfy his sexual needs. Every day, with the help of a special application, he gets acquainted with girls who are obsessed with sex to the same degree as he does. One evening in the bar, Mitch gets to know Natalie, who offers him his “escort services”. But this young man is not used to paying for women’s affection, so he resolutely rejects the offer. Ironically, the next day, Mitch is dismissed from work for communication with the trainee. Now, to get a new place, he needs to write sensational material. Recalling a casual acquaintance at the bar, Mitch decides to cover the topic of escort services. Well, what comes of it, you can watch the movie “Escort”.

Romantic comedies will cheer up anyone, even a very skeptical viewer. Such comedies that begin with jokes “below the belt” and end with quite intellectual humor, every year collect more and more fans among viewers of all ages, regardless of taste preferences. Being masterfully filmed, sometimes these films touch to tears, but invariably well end, and the spectators do not have an unpleasant sediment. The viewers get only the brightest impressions and good mood.