The best anti-insomnia

Researchers from Australia have conducted a series of scientific studies on substances that help overcome insomnia and intervene in a state of calm in preparation for sleep.

Healthista has published a list of useful products and herbs that help people overcome the insomnia of Rick Hay.

The world classifies green and white tea in the list of useful substances in cases of insomnia, because these two types of tea contain theanine, which is a good sedative of the nervous system.

Chamomile ranks second in the Australian world rankings, if boiled and drunk before bedtime because it reduces anxiety and fear.

The cinnamon came in third place of useful articles against insomnia, because it regulates the level of sugar in the blood , and inspire warmth and loosen the nerves.

The Australian physicist added another set of fruits and herbs that help get rid of insomnia, such as ginger, licorice, citrus and papaye , all help to sleep calm and comfortable.