Belgium became the world leader in problems at nuclear power plants

The head of the Ecolo-Groen faction in the House of Representatives of the Belgian Parliament, Jean-Marc Nollé, claims that Belgium holds the world record for the time of inactivity of nuclear reactors at its nuclear power plants, newspaper Le Soir reports.

The parliamentarian reacted very emotionally to the halt during the whole winter of one of the reactors of the Dul nuclear power plant. According to him, Belgium has a sad world record for unscheduled stops of nuclear power plants – 25%.

According to Nolle, Belgium is ahead of this indicator by Iran and the Czech Republic, where the figures are respectively 13.5% and 8.8%.

He accused the operator of Belgian nuclear power plants, Electrabel company in disregard for the security of citizens and adherence to outdated and dangerous technologies.

If anything were to happen regarding this equipment and technology, the safety of those inside the power plant could have been put at great risk. They have management and maintenance rules for a reason and that’s to keep everyone safe.

That’s why it is important that all of the equipment can be monitored efficiently, with the help of something like this power plant maintenance software, so that any problems can be spotted and resolved as soon as possible, reducing the risk of a safety issue. When you don’t take this seriously, something needs to change.

So they got rid of him and the local politicians shied away from answering these questions.

The leader of the Greens urged to quickly get rid of Belgium from nuclear power plants, noting that the problem with the Dul nuclear power plant could drag on for a long time.

The third reactor of the Belgian nuclear power plant “Dul” was stopped from September 2017 – first for preventive works.

Then it turned out that the concrete of the bunker located in the non-nuclear zone of the nuclear power plant is crumbling, where emergency pumps and diesel generators are located.