What happened?

“Roskosmos” has announced an open competition to the cosmonaut. The selected candidates will enter the “Federation” and the crew of the new ship will be the first Russian cosmonauts who will fly to the moon.

Reception of documents began on March 14 and the contest will run until the end of the year.

2          Apply any interested?

No. The competition is open to only the Russians are not older than 35 years, having higher engineering or flight education, excellent physical fitness and suitable for health reasons.

Also, you must have a certificate of absence of contraindications to work with information constituting a state secret. It will have to provide when applying.

Documents can be sent by mail or bring personally to Star City.

In “Roskosmos” told that the priority will be for candidates who have experience in the aviation and  space-rocket industry. The squad will include six to eight people.

3          If I’m over 35 years old, you can give up the dream of flying into space?

Not certainly in that way.

Terms various competitions are different: for example, in the previous set (which, however, are not recruited for a specific flight, but just a part of “the crews of manned spacecraft and stations”) can participate only those who had not yet turned 33 years old.

In this case, the engineer Oleg Blinov passed testing in 2012, when he had turned 34 years old, – but it is still accepted.

In “Roskosmos” explain: Yes, now the threshold is increased to 35 years, but this does not mean that if you’re 36 and you fit in all respects, you can not participate in the competition.

4          And there is a place where astronauts are taught on a regular basis?

No permanent “school of astronauts’ annual set in Russia is not present, so the only way to get into space – to participate in the” Roskosmos “contest.

He announces a set every year – since 1960, the contest was only 17.

Civilians were allowed to them only twice – in 2012 and now in 2017.

5          At what age should take into astronauts?

The exact minimum age is no limit.

In this case, according to the rules in the selection can participate only those who have a university degree and experience in aviation and flight specialty not less than three years (in the case of the current set in the “Roskomose” say that such candidates will be priority).

However, there is a loophole and a younger, if during their studies students have practice in the institutions involved in aviation technology, it can be counted as work experience. In each case the Commission shall adopt an individual decision.

6          And what else there restrictions?

Firstly, the future astronaut must “fit” in a chair on the ship and in the suit in which he will have to go into space.

To do this, measure the growth of the candidates: in a standing position, he should be from 150 to 190 centimeters, sitting – 80-99 centimeters.

The maximum width of the hips in a sitting position – 41 cm, chest – 94-112 cm, the foot – no more than 29.5 centimeters (it is the 46th Russian size), and you should weigh 50 to 90 kilograms.

Secondly, doctors will check the health status of the candidate – it should be almost perfect.

In conclusion, the selection must demonstrate knowledge of the basics of manned space flight, to show how he gets quickly and clearly remember the information and understand the technical building systems.

In addition, it should be able to shoot beautiful video – those who have experience in camera work, “Roskosmos” promised benefits.

And all this time for the candidates observed by psychologists, assessing their leadership skills, communication skills, and even conformism.

7          Do I need to become an astronaut, go in for sports since childhood?

You do not have a child, but good sportsmanship will need. Otherwise you can hardly run through 1 kilometer in 3 minutes and 35 seconds ( this is approximately a third category for event) swims 800 meters crawl over 19 minutes, will pull on the bars at least 20 times, show 360 degree while jumping on the trampoline and overpower two dozen entrance tests.

8          If I go on all points, but I have a problem with the vestibular system – just do not take?

Exactly. In weightlessness your body will resist the absence of the ceiling and floor in the usual places. You will have vomiting and rock, which means – you can not work. But there is good news. Astronauts say that the vestibular system can be trained – in the pool, spinning and tumbling under water.

9          Do I have the astronauts to know English?

As a rule, yes. For example, in the requirements for the selection of 2017 indicated that the candidate must know English at the level of the program not language high schools, but also have knowledge in the field of cultural studies and pass an exam on the Russian language in the assessment of not less than four.

10         Is there a chance of becoming an astronaut, if my profession is very far from the aviation and space?

Yes. Moreover, these precedents were: in 2012 the selection took Anna Kikin, who had previously worked as the program director of radio “Siberia” in the Altai.

True, the first education she received in the Novosibirsk Academy of Water Transport, specialty “hydraulic engineer”. Now Anna Kikin preparing for its first flight.

11         And there are no restrictions on the floor?

For some reason, women astronauts are not many. There are no restrictions. However, in the history of Soviet and Russian space it was only five astronauts.

At the moment, the Russian cosmonaut detachment 31 men and only one woman – actually Anna Kikin. As explained in “Roskosmos”, women just are applying much less.

As noted by Elena Serova, who served in the unit from 2006 to 2016: “Where will the women who want to go to space? Because they see that the Russian women is out of space, few worthy examples. ”

12         How high are the chances of flying into space, if I pass a competition?

It is quite high.

In Roskosmos promised that all the astronauts trained (it lasts from six to eight years) and pre-flight training, wait for appointment to the crew. And flying in space!