Barack Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence for leaking documents to Wikileaks

After years of being detained for exposing war crimes committed by US forces that got completely swept under the rug, President Barack Obama will use his final days in office to cut Chelsea Manning’s sentence.


Manning had been sentenced to 35 years for leaking confidential material related to US military operations in the Middle East.

According to the reduction, Manning will released from US detention on May 17.

Manning had been charged with “wrongful and wanton publication to the internet intelligence belonging to the United States.”

On August, 21 2013 a court martial slapped Manning with the historically long sentence, the longest prison sentence ever ascribed to someone for leaking documents or footage.

The US Army court martial had also charged Manning with five counts of stealing US government records, six counts of “willful communication of information relating to the national defense,” one charge of intentionally relaying information in “unlawful possession,” one count of exceeding authorized access to a US government computer, one charge of “willful communication of information relating to the national defense obtained by accessing a US government computer,” and five cases of failure to the US Army’s orders.