Bali volcanic eruption caused 59,000 tourists affected by airport closure

The Indonesian Volcano and Geological Disaster Reduction Center raised the alert level of the Agung volcano in Bali to the highest level on the 27th.

Indonesian officials said that affected by this, the temporary closure of Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali one day, all inbound and outbound flights canceled, 59,000 tourists will be affected.

Indonesian anti-disaster department spokesman Satopoo said that Ngurah Rai International Airport will be closed from 7:15 am local time on the 27th to 8:00 on the 28th, and 445 flights have been canceled, including 196 international flights.

Sotobo also said that since the eruption of the volcano on the 21st, the anti-disaster unit has evacuated about 25,000 residents. Currently, the area around the crater has been classified as a dangerous area within 10 kilometers and about 100,000 inhabitants of 22 villages in the area must be evacuated.

Argonne eruption again on the 25th afternoon severe volcanic ash column up to 4000 meters and accompanied by red light, the wind drifted to the east and southeast, to the direction of Lombok proliferation.

Agung volcano is located in Indonesia’s northeastern Bali resort, elevation of 3031 meters, is one of Indonesia’s 129 active volcanoes. The Agung volcano erupted violently in 1963, and the eruptive activity lasted until the second year, killing more than 1,000 people.