Eight people killed, ten injured. This is the record of the suicide bombing on Saturday at the passing of the procession of the head of the council of the province of Baghdad, Riyad al-Adad, according to local media.

The procession of Baghdad province head of state Riyad al-Adad was Saturday the target of a suicide bombing in one of the northern neighborhoods of the Iraqi capital, announces the Al Sumaria TV channel.

“The kamikaze who blew himself up in Aden Square took my procession as a target. One of my bodyguards was killed, three others were injured, “said Riyad al-Adad quoted by the television channel.

According to the Al Baghdadia News portal , in this attack, seven people were killed and eight others wounded, including security personnel and bystanders.

The terrorist was driving a motorcycle loaded with explosives and fired his detonator when approaching the senior official’s car, the portal said.