Astronomers have discovered an anomalous planetary system

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Using the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) probe, an international team of astronomers have discovered an interesting planetary system consisting of a K-dwarf host star, a Jupiter-sized planet and a white dwarf. The detection and parameters of the system designated TOI-1259 were presented in a document published on January 7th in the arXiv preprint repository.

TESS is researching about 200,000 of the brightest stars around the Sun in order to find transiting exoplanets. So far, more than 2,450 exoplanet candidates (TESS or TOI objects of interest) have been identified, 91 of which have already been confirmed.

Now, a team of astronomers led by David W. Martin of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, is reporting a transit signal on the TESS light curve of TOI-1259A, a K dwarf star located about 385 light years from Earth. The planetary nature of this signal has been confirmed by subsequent observations with ground-based telescopes.

According to the article, the parent star TOI-1259A has a radius of about 0.71 times the radius of the Sun and is about 25% less massive than our Sun. It has a metallicity of about -0.5 and an effective temperature of about 4775 K.

The exoplanet, designated TOI-1259Ab, is about the size of Jupiter, but about 56% less massive than the largest planet in the solar system. The alien world revolves around its master every 3.48 days at a distance of about 0.04 AU. From him. The planet’s equilibrium temperature is estimated at about 963 K.

What makes TOI-1259 a kind of planetary system is the presence of an associated white dwarf companion (TOI-1259B). The object is located at a distance of 1648 AU. from the parent star and has an effective temperature of about 6300 K. The researchers found that TOI-1259B has a radius of 0.013 solar radius and a mass of about 0.56 solar masses.

The properties of the white dwarf allowed the team to determine the overall age of the system. They estimate that TOI-1259 is about 4.08 billion years old.

Summing up, the researchers noted that the white dwarf is currently at a distance that is not predicted to affect the formation of the planet. However, they are discussing the possible influence of this object on the formation and evolution of TOI-1259Ab in the past.


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