Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Told The World To ‘Stop Eating Meat To Save The Planet’

Could you believe this? Arnold Schwarzenegger, yes the same man who actually said “you hit like a vegetarian” is encouraging people to consume less meat. This same governor of California, without a doubt, a former body builder himself urges people to change their diet.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: My Science Academy

He recently made an impact on headlines when he appeared at the climate change conference in Paris. He spoke these very words:

“Right now people, seven million people are dying every year. That is alarming and everyone in government has the responsibility to protect the people. They have to do something about it.”

According to the former body builder himself, reducing meat consumption can overall help us as humans, animals, and lastly the environment.

What he accounts for is something so stupendous simply because several reports have asserted that a plant-based diet can have such a positive impact both on life itself and Earth. It is ultimately the best way yet to reduce carbon emissions and help save the planet. Ellie Highwood, which is a professor of climate physics at the University of Reading shared:

“If everyone around the world ate as much as we do in Britain, it would be even worse.”

This news of Arnold sharing his fare share is shocking to many as many view his assertion as hypocrisy.

This is due to his hefty share of beef when he was a bodybuilder some years back.

When asked if keeping a vegetarian diet while bodybuilding is beneficial and recommended, this was his response:

“Luckily we know that you can get your protein source from many different ways, you can get it through vegetables if you are a vegetarian. I have seen many body builders that are vegeterian and they get strong and healthy.”

In fact, Patrik Baboumian is noted as the strongest man on Earth while keeping a consistent vegan diet.

Eating a plant-based diet is so much better than anything. Not only does it help to promote that green and clean is better, but it also helps a variety of factors that are failing at this given day. It is so convenient for one’s health, animals, and lastly the environment. Want to know how you can help save the planet from your fair share? Change you diet to a plant-based diet.

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