The instant messaging app – WhatsApp is now something which you will find in almost every smartphones.

It has fetched so much attention of so many people that its popularity made Facebook own it by paying $16 Billion.


Though it’s very simply designed and very easy to use, it does not stay any place behind from other social apps and it does own some tricks which you can discover.

1. Backups and switching

Android does its backup every day by itself where else iOS needs to be done manually, turn to Chat then to Chat Settings and there you find Chat Backups that connects your app to iCloud. This restores all you conversations, history and everything on your WhatsApp.

Switching to new iOS device needs your same iCloud account to get back your Backups, but Androids need their microSD cards or use a third-party app to duplicate all the data to the new device.

2. Forward messages or images

You may forward your important messages or images to anyone by (Android) tap and hold on the message entry, tap Forward button and then choose contacts from your list to which you want to send. (iOS) Hold on tapping to the message entry and then select Standard iOS Share Menu to get back to your WhatsApp.

3. Prevent saving media

You may prevent your phone space to be eaten up by the synced up places where all your WhatsApp images and files get saved automatically. iOS users can select their Settings tab, choose Chat Settings and disable Save Incoming Media. There is nothing like this on Androids as there is a separate folder created to save all the WhatsApp files, but all platforms may disable it by blocking the saving media.

4. Share your location

People who like to keep their locations updated to their friends need this, share locations wherever you go. (iOS users) tap to Share button at the bottom left, then choose Share Location. (Android users) choose the attachment icon that’s designed like a paperclip and then choose Location where you can opt to send your position.

5. Last Seen option

You don’t want your friends to know the time when you were seen last online; (iOS) go to the Setting tab or (Android) app menu, then select Account and then select Privacy. You may disable the last seen time label and you can also adjust the privacy of your current status or profile picture from the unknown contacts to be seen.

6. WhatsApp home screen shortcut (Android users only)

For the ones who use WhatsApp in a daily basis can have their most frequent chats on their home screen for quick access. All you have to do is, go to the chat, tap Menu on the right corner, choose More and then select Add Shortcut. The person of whose conversation you chose will appear at your home screen with their profile picture as the icon.

7. Email your conversation

There can be any reason for which you might need to email your chats; there are options where you may send your chats with emoji embedded to your email and you might even attach files or photos. Android users, tap to Menu then tap More and there you find Email Chats. IOS users tap to the bar above the chat screen and then you tap Email Chat.

8. Mute Group Conversations

You might be in a certain group chat for a while and later you leave, all you are left with is noises of notification by your friends. Get rid of this annoyance by going to the Menu of your group chat for Android and for iOS go to the group name and tap Mute. You can mute this entire annoyance for 8 hours, 1 week and even for a year. For androids, no sound pollution but just the notification bar stays busy.

9. Delivered and seen

Many of us might not know that we can actually find out the time when the message was delivered and even find out whether it’s seen or not. You may know when your friends are ignoring you by tapping and holding on to a particular message and tap to Info to get the evidence, this procedure is for Androids. For iOS, messages just need to be swiped to the left and there you go with the info.

10. The web mirrors WhatsApp

Our WhatsApp can be switched to the web easily. It is simply just the extension of the WhatsApp in our phones. The conversation, messages and everything which you have in your WhatsApp is mirrored at the web browser, which means all the messages and chat can be staying on your smartphone, PC, Tablets, and Laptops. It is available for Androids only, Apple platform limitations don’t allow.