SCIENTISTS have been left baffled by the discovery black holes that have aligned in close proximity in a region of the distant universe which has led to some speculating that an advanced alien race is responsible.

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A staggering 64 supermassive black holes have been spotted all pointing at the same direction and spinning in sync – with experts saying that there is less than 0.1 per cent chance of this happening.

It is the first time such a vast number of supermassive black holes have been spotted in the same region of the universe. They were all spewing radio jets from their centre.

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As a result, conspiracy theorists have been up in arms, claiming an advanced civilisation could be harbouring energy from them or using them as markers in the universe.

One user wrote on Tech Times: “Let’s assume for a moment that there is possibly intelligent life that may have the ability to manipulate objects in our universe on a large scale, or potentially trigger the formation of a black hole.


“The radio emissions all pointing the same way could be a means of acting as ‘markers’ for observers to orientate the ‘message’ (whatever it might be) correctly.

“Like having an up arrow on a flashcard of a character in an unlearned language, so you know how to read it.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “May be they are alien weapons”.

However, while scientists are stumped for a concrete explanation, they do believe there is more of a reasoned argument behind the phenomenon.

They wrote in a press release: “There are several options: cosmic magnetic fields; fields associated with exotic particles (axions); and cosmic strings are only some of the possible candidates that could create an alignment in galaxies even on scales larger than galaxy clusters.”

Additionally, it has been theorised the mysterious event could hold clues to the early formation of the universe.

Professor Andrew Russ Taylor, lead author of the study published in Monthly Notices, said: “Since these black holes don’t know about each other, or have any way of exchanging information or influencing each other directly over such vast scales, this spin alignment must have occurred during the formation of the galaxies in the early universe.”