Antarctica cracks and giant new iceberg ready to drift (PHOTOS)


UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – A new discovery on the Isle of Pin Glacier has recently struck scientists who regularly examine satellite imagery. They noted that a 30-kilometer fissure had formed on the glacier in western Antarctica and threatened a new detachment of large icebergs.

A new giant iceberg could threaten the sea level following a new fault that has formed on the glacier on the Isle of Pin, says the news site Live Science. By drifting in the ocean, it could represent a risk of global sea level rise as it melts slowly into the ocean.

According to Stef Lhermitte, an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, a nearly 30-kilometer crack has appeared in the middle of the glacier where it touches the warm ocean waters, which is melted from below.

According to scientists, the fault could still grow 10 km before a new iceberg of more than 300 km2 detaches from the island of Pine and drifts into the ocean. Stef Lhermitte believes that the detachment of the new iceberg is a matter of weeks or months.

Since 2001, icebergs have regularly broken off the island’s glacier. In 2013, the glacier lost an iceberg with an area of ​​652 square kilometers and in 2015 another 582 square kilometers. Then, a gigantic iceberg, whose area was about 115 square kilometers, had broken away from Antarctica in 2017. The glacier of the Isle of Pine, located in the West of Antarctic, forms the base of ‘an icy Antarctic shield’ which holds the sad world record for the greatest loss of water volume.