“ALIENS ARRIVE!”: A strange light spotted in the Chinese sky (VIDEO)

File Daily Mail

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – A strange light like a torch was spotted Thursday night in the Chinese sky. Supporters of conspiracy theories immediately announced the arrival of a UFO, while experts have speculated that it could be the trace of a missile or an aircraft.

The residents of Beijing and Chongqing, Shanxi Province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region were on Thursday night witnessing the appearance of a mysterious light in the sky, media reports said.

Those eagerly awaiting visits from representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth immediately claimed that this torch-like light was just a UFO.

“The extraterrestrials are coming!”, Wrote users of the Chinese social network Weibo.

Other Internet users have treated this phenomenon with irony.

“Do UFOs leave China after celebrating the National Day [of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, ed]?”

According to military blogger Weaponmagazine-Xiaoning, this light may be related to tests of the Chinese aircraft DF-ZF hypersonic . However, the Chinese authorities did not report the testing.

In April, people in Beijing saw an identical phenomenon caused by a missile fired from the Taiyuan launch pad, recalls the British daily The Daily Mail.

Nigel Watson, a former member of the British army and a great connoisseur of UFOs, believes that the light in the Chinese sky is similar to the trace of the Falcon 9 missile launched on October 8th.

“In both cases, there were night launches, during which the missile exhaust had been very spectacular. So iI [the exhaust, ed] can easily make you think it’s a UFO, “he said quoted by The Daily Mail.