The “alien star” confuses researchers again

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The “alien star” located in the constellation Cygnus has undergone a sudden fluctuation in brightness that researchers can not yet explain.

Subject of the intense attention of astronomers, the star KIC 8462852, better known as the star of Tabby, has suffered its largest drop in brightness since 2013.

The fluctuation was recorded by astrophysicist Tabetha Boyajian to whom the star owes its nickname. For the moment, the researcher and her team are still unable to give an explanation for this drop in brightness.

Located in the constellation Cygnus, this star attracted the attention of researchers in 2015, when data from the Kepler Space Telescope found abnormalities in the luminosity intensity of KIC 8462852. Subsequently, astronomers established that these variations, sometimes leading to light decreases of the order of 20%, were very irregular and thus very difficult to explain.

These observations gave rise to a whole range of theories, going as far as the far-fetched theory of an extraterrestrial civilization having built a huge solar power station in orbit around the star.

However, at the end of 2016, the researchers came to the conclusion that these variations were probably caused by the presence of a vast cloud of dust located around the star and whose orbital period is 700 Earth days.