ALIEN SEED FOUND – Scientists Find First Extraterrestrial Life Form

Scientists have sensationally announced the finding of the first extraterrestrial life form. A titanium sphere with filamentous life on the outside and oozing a gooey biological material from it’s center nothing like it has ever been seen before.

The first of their kind images were released by researchers in January of 2015.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Announced by the University Of Buckingham the news quickly made headlines around the world.

The discovery was made by Professor Milton Wainwright and his teams from the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology.

Professor Wainwright sent balloons into the stratosphere  27 km above the Earth’s atmosphere to collect particles from space.

The discovery came just weeks after astronauts said they found traces of life on the surface of the International Space Station which orbits Earth.

About the width of a human hair, the researchers described the titanium sphere as

“ an extraterrestrial life seed that falls from space into the Earth’s atmosphere, bursts open spewing it’s genetic and biological material which then propagates on Earth”.

They were stunned when x-ray analysis showed that the sphere was made up mostly of titanium with traces of vanadium.

Professor Wainwright was quoted as saying “As far as we can tell the particle has no relation to anything found on Earth”

Researchers argued that the titanium sphere packaging was designed by a technologically advancedalien species seeking to infect Earth with alien life forms and colonize Earth.

It is a theory known as the theory of directed  panspermia which suggests that life forms are deliberately sent out through the universe by intelligent civilizations.

A theory looked at by Nobel Prize winner Frances Crick one of the biologists who discovered the structure of DNA,in 1973.

Panspermia is the theory that suggests life spreads across the knownphysical universe, hitchhiking on comets or meteorites.

Professor Wainwrights discoveries combined with other recent discoveries such as the ISS discovery,could be the next step to solving the age old question of where life came from,with experts firmly looking outside of our planet.