Alert, astronauts! An extraterrestrial vessel monitors the ISS (VIDEO)


UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – An unidentified flying object was picked up by a video recorder from the International Space Station (ISS), prompting ufologists to immediately conclude that it is an alien vessel.

A video showing a flash of light not far from the International Space Station (ISS), beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, was broadcast on YouTube and was quickly debated in ufology circles. According to specialists in the field, it could well be a spacecraft belonging to aliens.

The object has mysteriously found itself in the field of the ISS video recorder. Ufologists believe that this testifies to the fact that extraterrestrials are monitoring the space station, some even dare to establish a link between the flying object and the activity of NASA.

However, the UFO fans hypothesis is strongly contradicted by skeptics who exclude the extraterrestrial track. According to them, the flash of light captured by the camera is only a reflection of the lights emitted by the station itself.

Ufologists have repeatedly claimed to have spotted strange objects near the ISS. For example, a gigantic object was detected in July in a video filmed from the ISS leaving the ufologists to assume that they were extraterrestrials on a giant mothership.

Earlier, another video captured by NASA’s cameras, monitoring the ISS live, recorded six spherical objects flying over the station. Ufologists then wondered if UFOs had really overflown and if it was a fact concealed by NASA.