Albania officially in the list of the main places of money laundering in the world, US report

The State Department has officially entered Albania in the list of the main places of money laundering in the world.


According to the law, the US government considers the main countries of money laundering country ‘s financial institutions which are involved in money transfers involving significant amounts of proceeds of international drug trafficking.

This decision was made known in the Report of the US State Department’s International Narcotics Control for 2017, which has just been public.

Report prepared annually by the Department of State to the US Congres and covers state and efforts of different countries of the world in the fight against drugs and money laundering.

This year’s report, covering 2016, states like Albania are based on organized crime, important points of international drug trafficking, money easily cleaned place and ruled by rampant corruption.

Key findings of the report are:

Albania is the basis for the regional operations of organized crime organizations.

Albania produces and traffics significant amount marijuana, mainly for the European market.

Albania is a transit country for Afghan heroin and cocaine.

Albania serves as a focal point for heroin shpërndarjejen across Europe.

Laundered money easily in Albania.

Albania rampant corruption and weak institutions.

Albania has poor border control and poor implementation of t ëligjit customs, what facilitates illegal trafficking.

Real estate, especially in coastal areas, business development projects, and gambling are the most popular methods of concealment of criminal proceeds.