Afrin: Kurds welcome intervention of the Syrian army

SYRIA – The communications advisor of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) hailed the possible arrival of the Syrian army in Afrin to counter Turkey’s attacks and said that the Kurds would not prevent the army from defending the city.

Indeed, according to the Lebanese channel al-Manar, Rizan Haddou said in evoking the invitation to the army to defend this Syrian city with Kurdish majority: “Afrin is part of Syria and the Kurds do not prevent Syrians (Arab) to defend the city.”

“Whoever defends Syria does not need to ask permission or receive an invitation before,” he added.

He said about the terms of the Syrian Army’s participation in Afrin: “We are a military force and we do not care about political details; we have guidelines and we do not go into the details.”

The Kurdish official also said that “the exchanges between the two parties, namely the Syrian government and the People’s Protection Units, have not been interrupted.”

Hadou also pointed out that the current atmosphere in Syria was positive and timely, and that he hoped that the Syrian army would confront the Turkish army and that the Syrian fighters would shoot down the Turkish fighters.

A Syrian security source reported yesterday that Damascus and Kurdish forces in northern Syria had agreed in recent days that the Syrian army should intervene in Afrin.