Adolf Hitler Saw Nibiru in 1938: The STUNNING Truth about the Third Secret of Fatima and WW3

On January 25, 1938, Hitler watched the night sky. He saw something in the heavens and it provoked him to declare “Now we will shed blood…” What did Adolf Hitler see? Could it have been Planet X?

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

This video will look at the possible connection between the events at Fatima, the three secrets, and the potential for disclosure of Nibiru Planet X to the world.

Video: C. Ervana

Malachy Martin said that the third secret would be a visible event, visible to all upon the Earth, and many people would be “angry” about it, and that many scientists would find a scientific explanation for the phenomenon in the sky.

Just so everybody knows, I am not Catholic and I don’t believe in apparitions of the virgin Mary. I believe these are demonic entities manifesting as “light” in our world.