A Message From George Orwell: Your Digital Rights

George Orwell returns via the Juice Channeling Portal to deliver an important message to everyone on the Internets. Please share with fellow netizens.

* Written by Giordano Nanni.
* Savvy script consultants: D-bot Rawlinson, Adso Ferguson, Jacob Appelbaum.
* George Torwell performed by Giordano; voice performed by Adso Ferguson.
* Music composed by Adrian Sergovich and The Goat Beats (edited version of the RN15 soundtrack).
* Lucy Cahill wielded the camera, directed and assisted with production in her awesome way.
* Gilles Gundermann kindly provided George Torwell’s props
* Koolfy (http://nurpa.be) created the English caption file
* Special thanks to peeps at the Tor Project for instigating and supporting the production of this video, which was played to the audience of the State of the Onion talk at 32c3 Chaos Computer Club Congress in Germany, 29 Dec 2015.