iPhones now stand as one of the best and beloved possessions within many people’s lives in this modern era. And why won’t it be? It has been prepared in such a way that other phones seemed to be left out way behind and prehistoric.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: CuriousMob

Presently, though there are many other phones made that tries giving such features as iPhone does, but still couldn’t beat an iPhone. This is why iPhone owners already have this weakness towards their phone. But have you actually been using your iPhone correctly? Because within the usage, there are ways by which you might be hurting your iPhone without realizing it.

9. Temperature

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Try being a bit easy on your iPhone when it comes to the temperature, as iPhones are not really designed for enduring extreme temperatures. Remember that, less than 32 degrees and more than 95 degrees are not appropriate temperatures for your iPhone. These temperatures might lead your phone to shut temporarily or drain the battery, so keep your iPhones away or turn it off while going to the beach or extreme temperature places.

8. Screen Brightness

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Try not setting your iPhone screen brightness to the maximum. You should use the maximum brightness settings only when necessary and later turn the brightness to an average or minimum when you are done with the work. Or else your maximum brightness does not only harm your eyes, it also eats up your iPhone charge faster than it is actually supposed to.

7. Not ever turning your iPhone off

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Turn off your iPhone periodically, especially the time when it’s idle and stays on unnecessarily.  It does not only drain the battery, it even degrades the battery life as the battery gets stressed staying on the whole time. So, if you want your iPhone to stay with you longer and healthy, shut it off when it isn’t needed.

6. Push Notifications

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If it is not very needed, try not to allow any push notifications while any app is being installed in your iPhone. Push notification keeps bothering you the whole time and drains the battery as well, not only that but it also might empty your cellular data.

5. Charging it the whole night

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If you do not want your iPhone battery to die quick, change the habit of charging your iPhone the whole night. Mostly thinks that it’s a way of keeping your iPhone absolutely full charged until charger plugged out but that is not the right thing to do. Hence, unplug just when it gets charged 100% and prevent the battery from destroying over time.

4. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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Many people have their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on forever which is wrong. It draws off the battery and keeps saving data while connected to the internet. Turn on when you are using and turn it off when you aren’t.  Protect your iPhone battery energy and space for later on.

3. Off-Brand Chargers

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People think iPhone chargers are expensive and off-brand chargers are not and they even charge just like the iPhone chargers. Wrong! iPhone chargers may be pricey, but it’s worth the investment.  That’s because off brand chargers damage the battery and reports have been found of fires and explosion by the fake charger usage.

2. Hygiene of your iPhone

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Our phones are not that clean as it always looks. We keep carrying it to places exposing to germs, using our hands, sneezing near it, breathing to it and many ways by which bunch of germs settle on the phone. Cleaning with lint-free cloths is the best advice to keep you and your phone safe from germs.

1. Passcode Security

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iPhone is one of the on demand stuff for black markets. Secure your data and information on ­­­your iPhone with a passcode. Many do not take it truly hence gives no passcode, but passcode protection is necessary as it keeps your personal information safe not only from thieves but everyone around.