Slots have been around since 1895 and considering the old slots were full of money, many people tried to cheat their way to winning big on them. Whether it was manipulating the levers or using powerful magnets, many tried and many failed. However, a few succeeded for years before they were caught and in the process they won thousands. Even when slots went digital at Thor Slots, cunning criminals kept on looking for ways to cheat the loot out of them. Obviously it was harder but if you had computer programming knowledge and access to the innermost workings of digital slots, then you could manipulate the processors and microchips to your advantage but this would have to be an inside job. The average Joe using sites like wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the electronic systems. However, funnily enough, this became reality as some employees of casinos that were in charge of programming these machines did try to rig them with their specialist computer programming knowledge.

Is There An Honest Way To Cheat A Slots Machine

For your average punter, cheating a digital slot machine is next to impossible and if you are playing online on websites like, then it is impossible. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of victory. Here are 7 user-friendly slots machines cheats.


You may have heard about the RTP of slots frequently if you are a seasoned slots player. Basically this stands for the Return To Player percentage and each slot has developed its own unique percentage. Those with the lowest percentage can literally churn out hundreds of dead spins before giving you a win that could be generous. High RTP games tend to give you more steady returns on your stakes and are well worth playing.

2 High Volatility VS Low Volatility

The concept here is the same as the RTP score and highly volatile slots tend to be highly unpredictable, they can suck your balance dry within minutes or they can land you huge winning spins that can be worth the wait. Low volatility slots pay out more frequently and are a safer bet.

3 Bonus Offers

Bonuses are always worth investing in and these usually involve deposit match ups, free spins or a lump sum of cash with wagering requirements attached.

4 Casino Hopping

If you can afford it, then join as many online casinos as possible, as they offer more freebies for slots players than land-based casinos do. To activate welcome offers and build your free spins and cash, you usually only need to part with the minimum deposit of 10 per casino.

5 Don’t Over Stay Your Welcome

If you win big on a certain slot machine, it is always tempting to remain on the game. However, it is very common that these slots will slowly start to eat into your winnings, so if you win big move on to the next game.

6. Best Bonus Rounds

Play the slots with the best bonus rounds these usually consist of 10 or more, free spins with multipliers. Games like Cleopatra have bonus rounds with huge potential.

7. Bank Your Winnings

Finally, don’t cheat yourself out of your winnings and bank as you play.