A huge explosion occurred Thursday (November 16th) in the center of the Afghan capital of Kabul, the “Khair Kana” area, near a gathering of Ansar Atta Mohamed Nur, governor of one of the provinces.

The Afghan Interior Ministry said at least seven people were killed, including five policemen, two civilians and others wounded.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said the suicide bomber approached a hotel hosting a gathering of supporters of Ata Muhammad Nur in the Khair Khan district of Kabul and blew himself up outside the hall.

The agency “AFP” quoted a police spokesman in Kabul, Abdul Basir Mujahid, as saying that the bomber tried to enter the building, but was arrested at the checkpoint, where he blew himself up, noting that a number of police officers among the victims.

According to the agency “Reuters” news agency that the “Daash” terrorist claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Atta Mohammed Nur is the governor of Balkh province, a prominent figure in the Islamic Society Party.