6 Signs Your Relationship Is Almost Over

Relationships are one of the most important parts of our life. To some people, it means their entire world. However, sometimes it might feel unworthy or even requires a walk out. But we are just too afraid to decide whether it’s the right time or do we really need to get out or not.

If you get the presence of the following signs in your relationship then it’s time to take a decision, for you relationship is already going nowhere good.

6 . You want different things

Each person on earth wants different things from life, has different desires from one another. In a relationship, when two people start to realize that their wants are also different than each other, that is exactly when the relationship starts getting off. Most of the relationships come to a natural end due to this cause. Your partner might wish to go abroad or wants to have a baby just when you are not prepared for that. Ultimately, the couple figures out standing at crossroads but the actual pain is when they pretend the crossroad isn’t there. You need to take hard decision in your relationships sometimes. People grow apart, and that’s okay!

5 . You don’t talk much anymore

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. If you have started to notice a drastic fall in the number of your calls or text messages you used to have at the starting time of your relationship, that you barely use your phone now. Silence is the ultimate red alert for any relationship. Not discussing anything- good or bad- could make things got worse, unresolved and sour.

4 . You argue all the time

Have you started fighting over petty issues nowadays? Then try to dig in and find out, for there must be deeper issues that demand to be resolved. If you start shouting on each other regarding the dish washing turn or movement of the car keys from here to there then things have already got way more serious than it seems. Fighting over small things is an indication of your unhappiness of the big things. If all you guys do is screaming on each other, then why are you still together in a relationship?

3 . It’s has been a long time since you had sex

For some people, sex doesn’t matter much and could go happily without any action for weeks. But if you have suddenly noticed your sex life being from heated to frosty, then it’s probably time to re-examine your relationship. Are you not attracted to each other anymore or given up on making efforts? Although sex is not everything in a partnership yet if you are not someone of a low drive and it’s important to you then talk about it with your partner. It’s time to act before the ice freezes again.

2 . The fun is gone

Maybe you guys do not fight. You have sex once a week and everything else seems completely fine. But could you recall the time you last laughed together? We are not talking about regular date nights, it’s about how well the time is passing between you two when you are together. Are you having fun, laughing and enjoying each other’s company or just sitting beside each other in silence? If you have stopped having fun and started walking slowly side by side then it’s a horrible sign.

1 . Abuse (physical or emotional)

If there is a little place of abuse in your relationship, and then you would not need any more reason worth getting out than this. Do they make you feel worthless or use harsh words on you? Do they physically abuse or threaten you? Are you scared to make them upset while they make you feel bad about yourself? If any of these questions’ answer is yes, then the relationship is just not worth it and it’s high time you walk out. At the end of the day, relationships are for making you feel better not worthless.

Reading about signs of ending an relationship and getting them almost appropriate could feel like a nightmare. Partnerships are based on two persons’ effort, if any of them seems reluctant and uninterested then the other cant drag the thing for too long. Give a thought, nothing is permanent on earth, not even relationships!!


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