Monday, February 26, 2018
50 Things Money Can’t Buy

50 Things Money Can’t Buy

We’ve all heard it so many times that the meaning has been all but lost: There are some things that money can’t buy. The brilliant Frank Sonnenberg reclaims that idea for us and spells it out clearly in his new book, Follow Your Conscience.
By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Books entertain us, teach us and sometimes dazzle us, but it’s rare to find a book that can actually change your life. Follow Your Conscience, a new work by my friend and colleague Frank Sonnenberg, is such a book.

In Follow Your Conscience, Frank provides actionable advice on improving your relationships, strengthening your career, and finding your purpose in life. It addresses questions such as: “How do you build trust and credibility?” “How do you enhance your reputation?” and “How do you achieve better balance in life?”

As a quick taste, here’s a sample–“50 Things Money Can’t Buy”

  1. Respect
  2. Well-adjusted kids
  3. Work-life balance
  4. Natural beauty
  5. Manners
  6. Common sense
  7. A clear conscience
  8. Purpose in life
  9. Integrity
  10. Good friends
  11. A long life
  12. Close-knit family
  13. An open mind
  14. A worry-free day
  15. Trust
  16. A new beginning
  17. Clean arteries
  18. A great idea
  19. An honest politician
  20. Peace of mind
  21. A good hair day
  22. Patience
  23. Luck
  24. A good epitaph
  25. Happy memories
  26. Time to relax
  27. A strong work ethic
  28. A positive attitude
  29. A happy home
  30. Everything you may want
  31. Good karma
  32. Appreciation of the simple things
  33. True love
  34. A new shot at a missed opportunity
  35. Peace in the world
  36. A golden anniversary
  37. Talent
  38. A second chance in life
  39. Quality time with your kids
  40. Wisdom
  41. Happiness
  42. Humility
  43. A good reputation
  44. A 25-hour day
  45. Relationship with your kids
  46. Youth
  47. Class
  48. Justice
  49. A proper perspective
  50. Selflessness

As I mentioned … this is just a taste. There is so much great content in the book that it will keep you thinking for quite some time. It’s a great resource for any leader–current or aspiring–and perfect for discussion groups or workshop reading.

You can get the book here Frank is an award-winning author. He has written five books and over 300 articles. Frank was recently named one of “America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders” and nominated as one of “America’s Most Influential Small Business Experts.”