After the holidays, I, like most people, found myself feeling incredibly drained. Whether it was the socializing, the food or the travel, it had all resigned me to the couch in a pseudo-catatonic state.


While it’s easy to think this is because of all the hustle and bustle, the truth is that it’s because my energetic body had been depleted due to the myriad of activities I had been engaged in as a result of not just my traveling, but daily life as well.

In fact, it’s incredibly easy for your energetic body to become disturbed and imbalanced due to the intensity and disharmony of our modern way of living. We are constantly bombarded by harmful electromagnetic fields from wifi signals, computers, cell phones, cars, power lines and smart meters, among many other things, which greatly interfere with our energetic body.

These can pollute our energetic sheath with disruptive frequencies that cause us to feel stressed out, tired and drained. Also, eating GMO and pesticide-laden, non-organic food interferes with the body’s ability to maintain the integrity of our energetic field, also known as our aura.

And finally, being around negative people, often called ‘energy vampires’, also drains us energetically. They feed off of our body’s subtle energy, which, as you may have guessed, collects in the energetic body as well.

To cure my lame disposition, I turned to my three favorite methods to cleanse, purify and literally recharge my energetic body so that I could once again return to my full strength and health. These methods include: getting connected to nature, smudging with sacred herbs, and healing salt baths.

They may seem simple and easy, but they are also scientifically validated, incredibly powerful tools when utilized correctly and regularly.  Here’s why:

All of these different methods have their own therapeutic and positive effects that are subjective in nature, but, scientifically speaking, they all counteract one common enemy: positive ions. Ions are molecules that have a positive or negative charge, the more electrons, the more negatively charged the molecule.

The human body, the earth and all living things naturally emit negative ions while things like dust, pollutants and electronic radiation all carry positive ions. The positive ions created by computers, wifi, smart meters, televisions and cellphones can clog our energetic field. If we don’t ground ourselves and balance, we can end up feeling tired, grumpy, or even getting sick.

That’s why I love going into nature, smudging, and salt baths. They are some of the most inexpensive and powerful antioxidants around and absolutely great tools for keeping our vibration high and energetic field at a negative charge.

Per cc (cubic centimeter) there are about 100,000 negative ions near a streaming waterfall or ocean, 50,000 in mountain air, 5000 in country air and less than 1,000 in most clean indoor environments.

Think about the energy that you’ve felt while standing near a waterfall, the feeling of being vibrantly alive, versus the feeling of a Laundromat or in front of the computer, the waterfall air literally recharges us, while the positively charged air drains us.

As we move into the future as a technologically oriented society, it is increasingly important that we make time to connect with nature, our source and our roots so that we can truly thrive.

  • 1. Get Out Into Nature
  • 2. Smudging With Sacred Plants
  • 3. Healing Salt Baths


This article first published on: Feb 13, 2016 @ 19:34 – UPDATED on Feb 16, 2017 @22:17