You may love them or hate them but ‘selfies’ are here to stay! But as more and more people become a part of this self clicking phenomenon, there are some who are pushing the boundaries to make their selfie stand out in the crowd.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Welcome to the world of ‘extreme selfies’ where common sense & fear have been put aside and guts & insanity rule!

In this video, we have compiled the 22 most extreme selfies which most of you will never try unless you too are a part of the ‘crazy brigade’.

Here is a guy who went for an artsy train selfie and got his head kicked by the train conductor.
How about a selfie with a squirrel? But did you ask permission from the squirrel? If not, this is how it will end!
Jumping off a high diving board is hard enough, taking a selfie whilst doing it takes it to another level.
How about concentrating on your landing when you are 10 feet in the air on your bike!
How much does a selfie cost? Well, this one cost the lady $1500 in fines for invading the ground.
This woman is just moments away from disaster!
It takes a lot of guts to jump off a cliff, it also takes a lot of brains to realize that you should not be taking selfies in this situation.
“Oh My God, I’m surrounded by hundreds of poisonous jellyfish, what should I do? I know, take a quick selfie!”
Can’t this guy think of a better moment to take a selfie?
This selfie taking girl didn’t even realize that she was catching a pickpocket in the act. Look at his hand going into her purse.
Now, this photo can be used to blackmail her sister for years to come.
However you try to justify this as a good idea, it isn’t going to cut it!
No brains or no fear, you decide what this crazy guy has a lack of?
Jumping out of a perfectly good hot air balloon is crazy, taking a selfie whilst doing it is insane!
“This is your captain speaking, could all passengers seated on the right hand side of the plane please look out of their window and smile.”
How the hell did this guy get up there, and more importantly, how is he gonna get down?
This could go so, SO wrong at any moment.
Does that make sense to you? The guy is in a fighter plane firing missiles and is taking selfies at the same time.
You’ve just crash landed in the middle of an ocean, thousands of miles from land, what do you do now? Yep, you guessed it.
This little boy who thinks this still counts!
The guy whose selfie defies gravity!
This selfie looks the most dangerous of them all! However, it turned out to be a fake. Here’s the original.
And lastly, the guys who had their rights delivered to them in the most succinct way possible.