Taking ‘selfies’ and posting on social media to get some vain attention, has turned into a viral madness. A psychologist from Munich University said that the pictures themselves are nothing individualistic or insightful, but the locations that the kids choose to take pictures in is significant, the location choice clearly indicates that the kids love to play with danger. Some kids take selfies with this idea in their mind that “It would be the best selfie in the whole world, and I could enter it into a competition of some sort and win prizes and recognition”, the reason why the selfie attempts are becoming more and more extreme.

Hopefully the incidents shared below will invoke more caution among parents and young adults in educating their children and siblings regarding the limits using social media:

10. The man who shot himself

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/297800594083589075/

A young 21-year-old Mexican man Oscar Otero Aguilar lost his life while taking a selfie to show off his collection of fatal weapons. Reports say that while he was taking the snapshot, he was waving around a gun which he thought was not loaded and which he was using as a prop, and it accidentally got triggered and he was shot brutally. He died while he was being carried away to the hospital.

9. The teen who fell off from the bathroom door


What started as a crazy obsession to win the so-called #SelfieOlympics, ended up in the brutal death of the 18 year old Oscar Reyes. He had uploaded a photograph once on Facebook in a Sponge Bob costume which triggered 200 Likes, which encouraged him to take another such photograph which he called “Crazy AF” to enter into Selfie Olympics. He was in his mother’s restroom on January 3rd 2015 trying to take a shot of himself probably from the top of a door which he was clutching onto for support, from where he slipped and slammed his head onto a hard surface. He bled so profusely, that doctors could not save him.

8. Rapper who died while riding a motorcycle


Puerto Rican Rapper of hits like “Fashion Girl” and “Sol Y Arena”, Ramon Gonzalez, also known by the name of Jadiel, lost his life while taking a selfie during a motor cycle ride. He was riding the streets of New York, to visit his family beloveds, when he decided to snap a selfie; the act caused him to lose balance on his motor cycle handles and he eventually crashed onto an unsuspecting vehicle coming from another direction. Doctors announced him dead on May 10 of the year 2014.

7. The Russian girl who fell off a bridge


Xenia Ignatyeva, a bright 17-year-old, had a keen interest in photography, and most of her times were spent in interesting places capturing memories from her cherished camera. For one of her adventurous escapades, she chose the top of the rail bridge in Krasnogvardeysky, St. Petersburg, Russia from where she wanted to take a breath-taking photograph of herself, but regretfully came face to face with the end of her life.

She had ascended the bridge alone, with one of her friends waiting for her at the bottom of the bridge. Reportedly, once she reached the top of the bridge, she slipped and fell; at some point she had desperately tried to hold onto a live-wire which electrocuted her with a 1500 V of fatality, and she landed a 30-feet fall.

6. 15-year-old Edwin got hit by a train


Edwin, like many other 15-year-olds, was fanatic about posting self-portraits on social media and gaining attention from friends, and to take his next selfie he went to a railway track at Kolompadam with his brother Godwin and a few other mates.

He wanted to take a selfie standing on the railway track while a speeding train approached him, planning to move away at the exact second, but his calculations went wrong. Before he could move away, the train hit him. His fellow companions almost lost their consciousness when they saw this horrific incident; Edwin was carried off to the hospital where he was soon pronounced as dead.

5. Courtney Stanford killed in a car crash


At 8:33 am near North Carolina on a Thursday of April 2014, there had been a Facebook status update in the profile of Courtney Stanford, a 32-year old. It was seconds later to this status update, that her car came to a head-on collision with a recycling truck and burst into flames, and this explosion threw the truck off the road, and Ms Stanford lost her life.

The Police reported that there was no presence of drugs or alcohol in the car, and the accident was largely due to the carelessness of the driver who was texting on her mobile instead of paying full attention on the road. Her status update said “The Happy song (by Pharrel Williams) makes me so Happy!”, but the police shared that if sharing happiness on the social media while driving could snatch someone’s life, it is not worth it.

4. Spain train electrocution


Sometime during March 2014, in Spain, a 21-year-old man with his friends went to Andujar Train Station and decided to climb atop a parked wagon and take selfies. There were some live-wires flying across the top of their heads, which they assumed to be not electrocuted. The man for some reason touched one of these wires and instantly got electrocuted with as powerful as a 3500 V discharge. He was immediately carried to the paramedics but only to find out that he was already dead. One of his friends was also severely electrocuted but he survived.

3. Two friends got trampled by an elephant


Two men, Leonard Tonui and Michael Shikuku, aged 26 and 35 respectively, were visiting Kiptagich Forest in Nakuru-Kenya, and spotted a monstrous wild elephant. The residents and tourists are always cautioned by the Kenya Wildlife servicemen and rangers to always report wild animals to them, so that a safety action can be taken. But these two men neglected the cautionary and instead took out their mobile phones to take selfies with the elephant. They got dangerously close to the elephant, touched its trunk and body, and clicked; the mobile flashes may have vexed the beast and it whipped the two men with its heavy trunk and sent them flying on the ground; the beast was in fact so annoyed that it eventually trampled and killed the two men.

2. The girl who got washed away by the El Tunal River


During July of 2014, the 13-year-old Karen Fernandez was visiting the El Tunal River in Mexico, and decided to take a cool selfie standing on the river banks. Moments later, tragedy struck, and she slipped and fell right into the gushing currents of the swift El Tunal River. She could not swim against the strong currents, and got washed away and eventually drowned. Firefighters later recovered her dead body on July 2nd, 2014.

1. A 16-year old died during a school trip


A sweet sixteen year old, Isabella Fracchiolla went on a school trip to the seaside town of Taranto, which is located in south-eastern part of Italy. She decided to go to the sea-front one day, stand on the edge of the cliffs, and take a breath taking selfie to post on social media, but only if she knew what was about to happen in the next few seconds. She slipped off the edges of the cliffs suddenly and fell 60 feet onto the jagged rocks below.

The discovery of the rescuers found her body severely injured on the head, femur and pelvic region, and the body was immediately rushed to the hospitals. She underwent a major operation, but unfortunately the doctors could not save this young girl.

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