10 catastrophic effects of the solar storm

This animation shows both the X2.2 and the X9.3 flares that the Sun emitted on Sept. 6, 2017. The imagery was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory and shows light in the 131 angstrom wavelength. Credits: NASA/Goddard/SDO

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — In September 1859, a coronal mass ejection (CME) occurred. Astronomers observed a huge pillar of fire appearing on the Sun, and auroras were visible even in Cuba and Jamaica.

This event led to a huge destruction of electrical equipment around the world.

Telegraph networks burned out, electrical outlets failed.

Today, electricity is even more common than back in 1859. Almost every house is connected to the electricity grid, many people watch satellite television.

Electricity is almost everywhere. Therefore, experts believe that a similar coronal mass ejection can lead to a real catastrophe all over the world. Are we ready for this? Below we describe the 10 main consequences of this phenomenon.

10. Failure of communication satellites

The first stage of CME will collapse for the Earth at the speed of light, which will not leave time to prepare.

At this initial stage, electromagnetic radiation will block satellite signals by changing the composition of the atmosphere.

Since the connection will be undermined, it will be impossible to prepare the satellites for the next stage of the solar storm.

Most communications satellites will not withstand the attack of high-speed particles.

The armed forces of many states depend on communications satellites. Cash transactions are processed by satellites daily.

Pilots need satellite communications to control the aircraft. All this will be impossible.

9. Astronauts will die

From space, the coronal mass ejection looks beautiful. However, astronauts working in outer space will not have time to return inside the spacecraft. Protected only by their costumes, they will burn alive.

If the astronaut succeeds in returning to the spacecraft, he will be safe, as the spacecraft are equipped with powerful protection from space radiation.

However, since the satellites will be turned off, astronauts will not be able to communicate with the Earth.

8. Destruction of electrical networks

The first two stages of the solar storm will inflict a lot of damage, but they cannot be compared with the third stage.

Even after the charged particles are in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, a huge cloud of gas and plasma will be approaching our planet with great speed.

Power transformers all over the planet will explode, causing millions of people to be in the dark without access to electricity.

Power lines will fail.

7. Medical facilities will stop working.

It is the medical institutions that will be the first to feel the effects of the solar storm.

Most medical institutions are equipped with emergency generators, which allows to keep lighting when there is no electricity. But these generators are unable to maintain the entire network of a modern hospital. At best, they will last a couple of days, not more.

For many patients, this situation will end in tragedy.

6. Supply lines will be broken

Gas stations don’t work without electricity. Some gas stations are ready for power cuts and store extra gasoline, and also have generators in case of an emergency.

However, it is unlikely the owners of gas stations to decide to sell gasoline these days. If the emergency lasts more than two days, anyone who pours gas into their gas tank in front of others is at risk of being attacked.

And without gasoline, product deliveries will also be frozen. Without aviation fuel, the work of air mail will be suspended, and the shelves in stores will be empty.

5. Mass hunger

The average person does not know how to survive in the event of a real disaster. Even those who are interested in such things have never been in a situation when something really terrible is happening.

In such a situation, the money will become useless. And when food runs out in the nearest supermarkets, people will starve.

Despite the fact that nature provides an opportunity to feed themselves, most of us do not know how to get food.

In addition, not many people have weapons that can be used in hunting.

However, there is a risk that such weapons will not be used for hunting, but in order to extract resources from other people.

4. Lawlessness

People in rural areas will be in a better position compared to the urban population.

There, as a rule, people have some stocks of food, and besides, they have the opportunity to get food for themselves.

However, crowds of people will be sent from cities to rural areas, and villagers will have to protect their reserves.

Chaos will come, violations of the law will reach an unprecedented level, as it was in the summer of 1977, when the lights went out in five districts of New York for 24 hours.

This led to a surge in crime.

3. Loss of important data worldwide

In the past, all data was stored in huge libraries. In the modern world, information is stored in digital form.

In the case of CME, millions of people will not only remain without mobile communications and cable television. People will be without access to the Internet.

Google and Wikipedia servers will fail, and it will take tremendous efforts to recover data.

Despite the fact that there is still a purely physical storage of data in books and other non-electronic media, the books will soon be used as fuel, as in the case of CME people will be left without vital communications.

2. Social reboot

The restoration of power grids could cost US $ 2 trillion, however, the cost of restoring electrical grids around the world is almost beyond estimate.

Without the media, which say what to do, without money and the necessary benefits of civilization, society will quickly begin to change.

There will be real chaos, and those who survive in it will no longer be able to return to the old order, but they will be ready for something new.

1. Effect on human electromagnetic field

Man has his own electromagnetic field. In 2014, during the study, it was assumed that the risk of stroke increases during geomagnetic storms. The potential impact of the solar storm on the human body will be significantly stronger.

Scientists indicate that dozens of ancient civilizations believed that humanity will enter a higher stage of development due to an outbreak in the sun.

Many civilizations predicted that those who survive would become more advanced, including such skills as telepathy, psychokinesis, levitation, and others.

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