NASA discovers remains of mysterious 10,500-year-old lost city hidden in a forest

NASA is known for exploring the heavens and peering deep into the furthest regions of space.

Now it has turned its instruments onto Earth to discover the wreckage of a lost city inhabited by a tribe of ancient Americans.

Space detectives used laser-based “remote-sensing equipment” to zoom in on the Beaver River in what is now western Oklahoma.

OKLAHOMA, United States –  THE SUN told they found the outline of a 10,500-year-old settlement beneath a forest, as well as “hints of the fossils and bones hidden below the surface”.

It is believed a Stone Age tribe once lived in the area and funnelled bison into narrow dead-end gullies before slaughtering them in a bloody frenzy.

NASA’s sophisticated tools have “been useful in delineating where we need to concentrate our efforts,” said archaeologist Lee Bement.

“It saved us a lot of time and effort.”